In the Land of Blog...

Today, thanks to the DHL man in his cute little shorts, my new replacement battery and charge adapter arrived. Which means to all of my family and friends (all 3 of you!) that I once again will be in the land of blogging.
It's strange how blogging takes over one's life. As I look through the eye piece of my camera, I begin to tell a story in my head. And what makes matter's worse, after taking a photo of our feet in our sandals, my daughter asks me if I'm going to blog this.
So over the next few days, I will once again upload my photos and tell lots of Jack stories for all of you to enjoy.


Chere said…
Deb, I still have the picture of out feet after a long day at CHA. I look back on it with fond memories. Can't wait to see baby Jack. They change so fast.
Glad you see you back to the land of blogging, Deb. I've missed you!

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