Summer TV is Lame

That time of year is upon us when the weather is great, but it's usually too hot to be outdoors all of the time. Unless you are lucky enough to take a dip in a refreshing pool, one must resort to turning on the boob tube. Yes, I am guilty of that as well.
Fred and I have always liked watching Kitchen Nightmares, but found Hell's Kitchen to be really amazing! Does Gordon Ramsey seem nastier on his US show? How in the world do those chefs manage to keep their cool and refrain from just socking the Brit in the gut? At any decent place of employment, this behavior would not be condoned, but alas, it is a reality TV show and hello....can you say script?
Well, last night's episode finally sent egotistical Jen packing her knives (Oops, that's another show) and walking off into the distance. Jen came across as superior, a liar, and just plain nasty. I'm glad she's gone! Let the cooking begin! What do you think? Please share :)


Chere said…
I am not a fan of Hell's Kitchen but my Mother loves it. The world stops turning when it is on. I am not much a TV person. Fred is normally in charge of the remote. We watch flash TV. That is 30 seconds of everything. So, I read instead.

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