Great Grandmother Meets Jack for Lunch

Sunday was a grand day! Great Grandmother Theresa and Uncle Steven planned on driving up from Peachtree City to meet the baby. They arrived shortly after noon and made a bee line for the baby. My mom immediately sat down and held little Jack and just gazed happily into the baby's face. Mom was very content and refused any beverage or food until the very end.
Proud Papa supplied Popeye's chicken and all the fixin's for his family to snack on, although I still didn't get what Sprinkles were.

Great Grandmother Theresa (in her brand new blouse from Kohl's) proudly standing besides new mom and dad. My mother says she should have purchased the top in every color.

At first, Uncle Steven didn't want to hold Jack until he was a little older. When new mom Erika asked why not...he responded by saying he didn't want to break him. As you can see, Uncle Steven was quite happy to hold this little new born baby. Don't worry, Uncle Steven, you won't break Jack!

Great Grandmother Theresa, Erika, and Jack pose for this precious photo. Mom refused to eat lunch because it would take away holding the baby. Doesn't everyone look so very happy?



Chere said…
Yes, everyone looks very happy and excited. Erika looks great. She looks like she has the hang of motherhood down pat. Your Mom looks good. How is she? She looks so young. Babies have a way of bringing out the best in everyone. Looks like Baby Jack slept through the whole day. Has he gotten his nights and days in order? Sometimes they get mixed up. Have fun, Grandma?.
Deb said…
Hey Chere, Mom just turned 75 this year. Holding a baby makes everyone feel younger. Jack was sleeping during the day, but today, he's pretty much been up all day. Erika is a little nervous, but that will pass.
Babies are oblivious to all the holding, ooing, and awwwing. They sleep through anything! Yes, everyone looks very happy about the newest addition to the family. No doubt baby Jack is very, very loved. Gosh! Erika looks just like you, and you both look like your Mom. The family resemblance is remarkable. Won't it be fun to watch Jack grow and see what parts of your family he resembles? Babies are such a blessing.

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