Jack is 2 Weeks Old

Grampa Fred returned from Atlanta this afternoon with new photos of little Jack. Actually, not so little as at his two week appointment, the little dumpling gained 14 ounces! However, he squirmed so much the nurse could not get a valid measurement on his height so they just gave up! One nurse commented that because he squeaks so much, he's going to be a big talker! Honestly, I think it's nurse mania!
I think all of you will agree that Fred isn't at all enamored with his little grandson as this photo tells the story.
I can see that his mother and father are doing something right. Look at those chubby cheeks? Don't you just want to pinch them and sqeeze that little nose?
How sweet is this? Little baby hand grasping the fingers of his Grampa. A bond so strong that will sustain a lifetime.


LOVE the photo of Jack's fingers on Grampa Fred's. How sweet!
erika said…
Mom, those are his mother's fingers!
Deb said…
Yes, dear, I know.
Jamie Payne said…
How sweet! He's getting to be such a big boy:)

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