My First Attempt at Editing

As I wait to win the lottery which will enable me to purchase Photoshop, I discovered that one of the programs I have on my laptop is Nero. We originally purchased Nero to allow us to burn copies of the wedding. Fred's cousin, Marty, did an excellant job of filming the important parts of the wedding, only to lose the entire day to my stupidity. I accidentally deleted the most important day of my daughter's life in one easy sweep. The camera/recorder did not say "do you really, really, really, really want to delete this wedding, stupid?". In one fell swoop, it was gone. Anyway, I have digressed as I sometimes do.
Quite by accident one day, I opened Nero and noticed that I could view photographs. After playing with the program for more than an hour, this was my end result. Tell me what you think.


Chere said…
Love the bubbles. The make it look like a magical day. Playing with photos can be a lot of fun. Debra and I are taking a class on Photoshop CS3. We are very excited. I am so sorry that you deleted Erika's wedding photos.
Deb said…
It wasn't all that bad. We managed to back the video up on a family member's computer, however, he hasn't been able to provide us with the video as of yet. :(
Deb said…
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Erika said…
I love the photo!
While I try to be true to my photography and avoid over-editing (except for cropping and sharpening), I look forward to learning and using Photoshop CS3. I've come to appreciate the artistic element that editing software does for a photo. Your photo is a perfect example of why you should stretch your creativity and step outside the box. Great job, Deb! I love the bubbles. When I look at this photo I feel joy. Thanks much for sharing, Deb.

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