Hibernate? It's Not Winter!

While browsing my favorite blogs, yes, YOURS :), my trusty old Dell Latitude 810 went into hibernate mode. Wait a minute! It's not winter, why the heck do you want to hibernate? Immediately, I get a message that says....Warning, warning, Will Robinson, your battery is about to die!!! Funny, the adapter is plugged into the wall, what are you talking about? But where is the green light on the adapter? Oh O! Yes, my my battery or adapter is kaput! Easy fix, right, I just get on the Dell web site and order what I need. However, we won't be home until Monday of next week so this will put a damper on my ability to update my blog (my new addiction)!
You see, all of my photos reside on my laptop, yes, they are all backed up....whew! Plus, my software for my Rebel is only loaded on my computer. Perhaps I can remedy this if my beloved will allow me to load his laptop. I'll work on this!


Hibernate? Winter? Yikes! Those are two words I am not yet ready to hear. I hope you get your computer issues resolved. I can't go a long time without you posting. Inquiring minds need to know...

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