Update on WW

Many of you know I joined WW a few weeks ago. I remember where I was, in Mesa, Arizona, not necessiarly the date. In retroscpect, having been on the WW plan, hasn't felt like I restricted myself in any way. Because I choose the points option, one could have anything at all...from a Krispy Kream donut (6 points) to the ultimate In -N-Out burger (15 points). If you crave it....you can have it on the points plan.
Just reporting the great news, I lost 9.2 pounds thus far.


Woo-hoo! Congratulations on your weight loss, Deb. 9+ pounds is quite an accomplishment and you ought to be very proud. I'm looking forward to hearing news of Jack's debut. Yes, no doubt this little boy will be the center of everyone's universe. Babies are wonderfully sweet, but grandchildren is proof that life goes on. You and Fred will be loving, attentive grandparents and wonderful role models. Best wishes to Erika!
Deb said…
Oh, Deb, thank you for your kind words. They mean so much. Did you get overly emotionally prior to Aiden and Jameson's arrival? I find that I am near tears over silly commercials, the sight of babies, even freshly brewed coffee! Go figure!

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