Delivery Day

Hi everyone! We are at the hospital. Erika had the epidural about an hour ago and not experiencing any pain. Soon they will crank up the level of the pitocon. My very wise sister, Aunt Geri, the labor and delivery nurse, said that one won't have surgery without anesthesia or a tooth pulled without Novocaine, therefore, the epidural is a safe way to bring forth babies. At one time, one in ten mothers didn't make it through childbirth. We have come along way.
As I write this blog, I can hear my grandson's heart beating on the monitor. I told Erika that when he's about two years of age, playing with his little cars or trucks on the floor, he will make that very sound and you can smile and remember the very first time you heart his heart beating.
Northside Hospital is amazing. The women's center is a palace and the labor and delivery units are labeled A thru F. Each unit has 15 labor and delivery rooms. Tonya, Erika's nurse said they deliver 1400 - 1600 babies a month! That is amazing!
As for me, I am a blubbering mess. Tears of joy are pouring down my face whenever I talk to anyone. I'm thinking I need a good stiff drink!


What happening??? I can't stand the suspense. Has Jack arrived yet? Please post photos as soon as possible.

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