Monday, May 19, 2008

Babies from Eggplant Parmesan

Any young pregnant woman living in the Atlanta area knows about the miraculous powers of Scalini's eggplant Parmesan. They say that a pregnant woman who consumes their famous eggplant parm is sure to go into labor within just 48 hours. Erika's old college friend dined on the yummy entree and her baby entered this world within the allotted time frame. Aaron's bosses wife went into labor at the 47th hour. The Scalini legend is now under pressure to deliver Little Jack Kirby to the arms of his mother by Tuesday evening.
How will this little baby's arrival change the dynamic of our family? I am guessing he will rule the roost and be the center of our universe for many years to come. Our life will be consumed with Jack's birthday celebrations, his first tooth, first steps, first day of kindergarten, baseball game, and so, so many wonderful life experiences to share. I am ready to take on the challenge of being his grandma. I already love him more than he will ever understand or comprehend. Check it out for yourself at

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