Jack Aaron Kirby

Jack arrived into this world tonight at 6:24PM, weighing in at 7 pounds 8 ounces and 20 inches long.
He is soft and squishy and smells wonderful...just like heaven. Mom did really well. There was a period of time that we thought she may have to deliver C section, but Erika is a champ and managed to take matters under her own accord.
Doesn't this face say it all?
Proud dad, Aaron, holds his first born son.
Grama cried quite a bit today, but what could be better than holding her very own little grandson.
Grama and Grampa Kirby already are glowing.
Grampa Fred will fly down to see his grandson next week. I'm sure he will make up for lost time.
A grand day!


Anonymous said…
Thanks mom for everything! Good thing I have the best husband ever or I don't know how I'd get through the rough times!
OMG! He is absolutely adorable! Glad to hear Erika did well and that everything went relatively smoothly. I look forward to seeing years of pictures watching Jack grow. Grandchildren are such blessing. Congratulations to all!
Chere said…
Oh Deb, Baby Jack is beautiful. Erika looks like she could walk on water and poor Dad looks a little like "who is this little guy". Congrats to everyone. My daughter has a neat take on the add-on of Grand. She says GRAND-daughter, GRAND-son, GRAND-mother has a whole different meaning with the GRAND added on. There is now a whole different importance to it. Get GRAND-mother and GRAND-son. I am not as important any more. I can not even begin to know the feelings that you have watching your own daughter give birth to her on child. You must be over joyed with love for this child. I look forward to seeing lots of pictures of the little guy. The world is yours baby Jack and welcome to it. Congrats Erika and Aaron. Your son is perfect.
Sarah said…
Oh yay! He's perfectly perfect and so tiny and sweet! I can't wait to meet him!! Love to all!
Deb said…
You guys are the best friends! And Debra, you are right, you will see years and years of photos of my Jack!
Deb said…
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