Friday, May 23, 2008

Cleanse Banter

Did anyone catch the Oprah show the other day about the 21 day cleanse? Well I only saw a bit of it and all I can say is "My hat's off to you, Oprah". She eliminated all meats and meat by products, caffeine, sugar, alcohol, and gluten from your diet for up to 21 days.
Oprah is keeping a blog, detailing her experiences and thus far, she is doing well. Some of the food choices are not something I could manage to eat. What exactly is an egg less omelet? Mushroom soup with chunks of pecans? Now neither one of recipes sound remotely eatable to me. On a good day, I can barely eat an egg and as for mushrooms, well, it's all about the texture.
We all know Oprah has someone to cook for her both at work and at home. How easy would that be for us common folk to do a cleanse or just a healthy diet regime if we only had to instruct the chef to make a meal minus our likes and dislikes?
In closing, "You go, Oprah!" I hope you make it 21 days on your cleanse and tell us all about what you loved. I bet you reward yourself with a big juicy beef burger at the end... :)

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