Thursday, May 29, 2008

Jack Aaron - Day Two

Arrived at the hospital just before noon but I had to stop at the hospital gift shop to buy Erika a New Mom tee shirt. Aaron has a New Dad tee shirt so they new parents will have a matching set. Last night, I dreamt Jack started talking at 1 week old. He looked at me and said, "Grama, you smell good." This was probably generated because of all the talking baby commercials.
Erika's co-workers, Marion and Tori. Tori is the one beaming like a bulb in a light house!
And no, Great Uncle Steve, Jack is not a Mets fan!
Dad holding Jack.


Chere said...

All I can say is sweet, sweet, little baby boy. He is wonderful. Erika and Aaron, you guys did good. Enjoy very second with little one.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations you guys, he is adorable-just remember on those sleepless nights, lol....that he is the most prescious thing in the world! Way to go grandparents too...much better to be grandparents than parents-kick back and enjoy (you can give them back whenever, lol)