No Baby Today!

After Erika's doctor appointment today, regretfully, no advance progress has been made since last week. Erika was secretly wishing that Dr. Houston would tell her after the exam to walk across the street to Northside Women's Center and let's get this party started! Baby Jack is determined to enter this world on his schedule and no one elses. Jack is already showing signs of unique Independence. As my sister, Geri, the labor and delivery nurse in New Jersey says, "we have to throw some little boys out of the womb!", this may be true with Jack!
The current plan is as such, if labor does not begin naturally, then Erika will check into the hospital next Tuesday to coach labor along. I'll keep you posted!


My step-daughter Kelly is a mid-wife. When my daughter's little boy needed "coaching", Kelly instructed Jamie to down a tablespoon of castor oil. Jamie mixed it with orange juice and within two hours she was in labor. I hope all goes well for Erika and baby Jack. Some little boys just don't want to leave their momma. You gotta love that, as eager as everyone is to hold Jack in their arms. Enjoy every moment, Deb. I look forward to seeing pictures soon!
Chere said…
Your little Jack is just like most little boys. They are happiest when they are comfortable, warm and full. Erika is providing all those things for him and he is not moving. I know you are on pins and needles waiting. How many times a day do you call? I would be beside myself. Yes, Baby Jack will be life changing. A new little baby to share you life with. I am so proud of you for losing weight. You encourgae me to take another look at WW. Maybe I will try the on-line classes. Where can I get the solution and tips for my Dove Blender? Yes, you have me hooked on stamping. I love the dove blender. Hope to see you soon.

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