Thursday, January 14, 2010

William J. Clinton Foundation

For anyone wishing to contribute to the horrible tragedy in Haiti, here is another link from the William J. Clinton Foundation.

Bill Clinton has been involved in Haiti well before the earthquake struck on Tuesday. His television appearance yesterday gave me comfort that this is a person who cares and wants to do whatever possible.

Let me say this...

...that I am very proud of my country and our current President whose recent appearance on tv telling the Haitian people that help is on the way. Our American military should be front and center in this long and arduous process to recover, assist the injured, feed the people and rebuild this poor nation as best as possible.

This attempt makes me extremely proud to be an American.


Mental P Mama said...


Nurse Nancy said...

I am with you. I heard President Clinton interviewed on NPR yesterday and I was moved by all he had to say. His is a great foundation!

Daryl said...


Grandma J said...

Great post. I gave yesterday and wish I could give more.

God bless the people of Haiti

Roses and Lilacs said...

I'm very proud of our country too. We are a generous and compassionate people who want to help those in need. My heart goes out to everyone in Port Au Prince I wish I could personally do more.