Another Project

There are always more projects on my table or in my head than
I can truly finish. If I listed them all you would be amazed. I am amazed.
But I am resilient and will complete them all...
some day!

I snapped this photo a few years back when I still owned my own
business and visited craft conventions twice a year.
The black walnut stain on the frame along with the perfect
choice of fabric caught my eye.
What better way to tuck away all of those important reminders
in one location. So, I will be searching for
a frame at several local thrift stores and
place this on my "To Do" list!


Mental P Mama said…
I love that board! And I love the new look in here;)
Nurse Nancy said…
I love the board...we have one in JBMs room and he tucks various momentos on it. Very sweet to look at. Good luck and love the changes to the blog!
Chatty Crone said…
I love that board and the browns are beautiful on it. sandie
Tammy said…
That looks like a worthy item to add to the additional project list! I have tons of unfinished project too.
Laura ~Peach~ said…
i have tons of frames that are awesome if you want paint it yourself?
Daryl said…
LOVE your new wallpaper .. and if I had a place for a board like that I would want one NOW!
Country Girl said…
Things are lookin' good here. And I think you need to get to work on this board. Lovin' it!

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