Liberty Thrift Store

Yesterday, my husband and I volunteered at a local thrift shop, Liberty Thrift Store, helping to sort the thousands of bags of clothing they receive. Ever wonder how those items get to the front of the store? I didn't until I was thrown right smack dab in the middle of being a "thrifty sorter".

Each item is inspected for worthless to become an item to sell. Here was our process.

First, you inspect the collar. Clean. Check!

Second, check out the garment for any stains, tears or missing buttons. Check!

Third, don't forget to inspect the zipper. Check!

If all things pass, the item is ready to be hung on a hanger and placed on these nifty little "Z" racks. Just like a department store but the bottom braces look like a Z so many racks can be stored in an efficient manner.

Oh, forgot to add that winter clothes go out to the front of the store but the off season items must be placed in the bins in the walls.

May I add that the staff of Liberty Thrift store couldn't have been nicer as their cheerful attitudes were an obvious vehicle for the Lord's work. So a special thanks to Richard, Kevin and Booque for their assistance. Not only will we take our old items to your store, but we will come back to assist you any time!


Maria said…
wonderful service
Chatty Crone said…
That was awesome. Makes you feel good too. Sandie
Mental P Mama said…
Good for you all! It is a wonderful way to give back....
Bill S. said…
Isn't it fun to serve others. I serve in a church canning kitchen several times a year.
Sue said…
Hi Deb....I love what the people at Liberty Thrift do for the community...I always donate to them now instead of GoodWill...I like how they price their items to help people that really need the help....See you on Friday...Sue

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