Round Two!

Today is a fun day for me. I will be driving over to my friend's house, Debra, to teach
class number two with a great bunch of ladies.
As you can see, everyone was concentrating and crafting.

Busy hands. Crafty ladies. So much fun!

Even though this is the Christmas box, it will be the first decoration
for the Christmas 2010!


Tammy said…
Have fun!! I just made out my 2010 scrapbooking events calendar, I can't wait to get back to it!
Grandma J said…
How much fun is that? I think it's great that you are teaching those ladies some of your crafting skills. Christmas '10 will be hear before we know it.
Maria said…
This is wonderful
Mental P Mama said…
Crafty Bunch! While I haven't a crafty bone in my body, I do appreciate your talent! I have been lucky to receive some goodies!
TSannie said…
I am so not craft-talented. Sure do admire all of you who are.
Country Girl said…
Love crafts. I used to quilt. And knit. And now I spend too much time working on photography, which is not really a craft.
Yesterday's class was a fabulous success! The feedback forms confirmed that fun was had by all, and everyone applauded this lovely project. Once again, I appreciate you and Erika for making the long treck to my home to teach. Thank you!!!

P.S. Your cupcakes were wonderful! Your thoughtfulness was greatly appreciated :)
Diane said…
Like MPM, I will admire your craftiness from afar. Especially since those crafty genes passed me right by!

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