Sunshine On My Shoulders Makes Me Happy

I followed through with my plan yesterday and took
my camera with me while I ran some errands.
Along my travels, I decided to stop at the Don White Memorial Park along the
Chattahoochee River. After the two very rainy days, it was beautiful
to experience this kind of day.
Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy.

I particularly loved that my little Kodak camera captured the sunlight streaming
down from the sky.
Sunshine in my eyes, makes me cry.

Since receiving our new Mac computer last month, I felt as though
I had little time to really experiment with the wonderful features.
In the above photo, I loved the sepia action applied to this photo.
I must mention that I just missed a piece of driftwood traveling down the river.

Sunshine on the water looks so lovely.

Sunshine almost always makes me high.


TSannie said…
Sepia really makes it look like it was taken years ago. Beautiful!
Nurse Nancy said…
So beautiful and peaceful. Wish I was there right now.
Mental P Mama said…
Beautiful! And one of my all-time favorite songs...I miss JD!
dianem said…
I love sepia actions. And good for you for busting the camera out. Something I need to do also! Warm thoughts, Ms. Deb!
Country Girl said…
I miss JD, too. What a loss. Glad to hear you had some sunshine to cheer you!
Jann said…
Awesome! My SLR camera is out being cleaned, gone for 2-3 weeks so I've been thinking about doing macro shots w/ my pocket digital. They do a good job with certain subject matter (excluding wildlife). :o)
jojo said…
One of the best JD songs, as if any of them were not the best! Beautiful pics, it's amazing what a day of sunshine will do for a weary winters soul...
Daryl said…
Beautiful pix AND an earworm I can handle.
Grandma J said…
Your photos are lovely! John Denver always makes me happy.

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