Out of It

There are times when sharing the day to day issues of my mundane life is just short of
plain complaining.
Truthfully, I haven't much felt like blogging and felt like hibernating until the flowers begin to
sprout their little heads upward to reach the sunshine.
This winter has been harsh with the extreme cold and then the large amounts of rain.
Knowing how this effected me, I couldn't possibly live in an area of the country with little
or limited sunshine. Hello, Alaska, how do you do it?
However, today the sun is shining, although it is chilly, I plan on getting out with my camera
to capture a little of the local fare.
See you later.


Mental P Mama said…
Enjoy my friend! We are having a typhoon up here today. gah
Nurse Nancy said…
I hear you and you are not alone! I think we are all in that mind set this month....perhaps post holiday blues?
Daryl said…
Its just stopped raining here but the winds ... oy ... get out and get some nice fresh air and take some photos ... you will feel a lot better! And tomorrow you can be confused by a Toon! xo
Laura ~Peach~ said…
winds whipping here but the sun is out LOVE IT!
Grandma J said…
I like your gusto! Enjoy the sun when you can!! Of course in the summer it gets pretty darn hot!
Tammy said…
Can't wait to see what you photograph!
Bill S. said…
You sound like my wife - she wants to move to Arizona when I retire. But I love the snow. Answer it to get outside, snowshoe, cross country ski and watch birds.

Good Luck.
Chatty Crone said…
I just got home from sunny California - NOT - there were tornadoes - mud slides - and floods - then I come back and it followed me here! Ah today is much better. Can't wait to see some pictures. sandie
Country Girl said…
I have a friend who feels the same way as you do. And to compound matters even more, her husband just walked out on her. Shocked the hell out of everyone. Especially her.

I'm going out with her Friday night. And I think she's planning a month-long trip to Florida to visit relatives and bask on the sun.
Joyce said…
I also can't handle how cold it is but thankfully it is not snowing and I am not shoveling and driving in any of it so I can actually deal with the cold for a few more weeks. Happy to see the sun today:) Oh and your diet post has me feeling the same way because I can't stop eating sweets and carbs the past month. I swear it is an addiction with me:) I find it a never ending battle with my scale:)
TSannie said…
Well, Alaska then has that period of time when the sun never sets...too extreme for me as well.
Vitamin D mega doses...the only way to get through winter! Learned that little fact the hard way after moving from always sunny Houston to snowy Salt Lake City. Sunshine makes Vitamin D, without sunshine it is almost impossible to get the right amount of D. The Alaska folks eat lots of fish too and the fish oils do help out.

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