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My Taurus horoscope - Week of June 1, 2009

You're very patient, Taurus, and you take your time as you go about your daily routine.

However, this week your energy level amps up considerably, thanks to the recent entry of active Mars in Taurus in your sector of self.

On Thursday Mars in Taurus trines Pluto and you may embark on a new exercise program.

Once you speed up your metabolism, you'll find it easier to lose weight.

Your urge to live in beautiful surroundings increases on Saturday, as Venus, your lovely ruling planet, enters domestic Taurus.

You may start an ambitious home decorating project.


(I know I used this photo before, but who doesn’t love looking at it?)

How does the universe know that I am dieting and aside for my dizzy spells, I have lots more energy.

Now as for exercising, the gym is 1/3 of a mile from my home.  It is free.  Why am I not going there?

OK, I promise….I will get my butt over there, Miss Universe.



Daryl said…
Dieting and dizzy spells? Something tells me you are not dieting properly .. do not skip meals .. eat small portions and make sure you drink A LOT of WATER ... but if the dizzy spells persist see a real doctor and dont listen to internet quacks like me!

That face is so kissable even with the cereal
Mental P Mama said…
I need a bite out of that Jack. My husband is a Taurus. I see none of this week's forecast in his plans;) Take care of yourself!
imom said…
That's what I call an active horoscope! And that Jack is still adorable!
Joyce said…
Geez the horoscope talks about metabolism and dieting? I bet if I read my horoscope it would say my metabolism just up and died on me:)
Country Girl said…
It's not good that you're dizzy! And you're eating, right? I just worry at the dizzy. Take care of yourself.
And I love those photos!
Grandma J said…
Unless you are dizzy in love with Jack, then take it easy on the dieting. I can certainly see Jack having that affect on you though.
Anonymous said…
Dieting and Dizzy are supposed to be mutually exclusive. And don't start exercizing if you're dizzy already. Kiss that baby for me!

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