Goals…and Then Some

This week, I vow to complete 3 out of these 5 projects.

1.  Finish reading Dan Brown’s Deception Point

2.  Finish reading Nora Robert’s

3. Complete the book I am in the process of making for my Mother

4.   Clean my desk/craft table

5.  Organize my rubber stamps to finally get them out of the boxes and on the shelf

6. Finish my lovely book from last Sunday’s class. 

7.  Make sure I visit 8 crafting blogs, one a day to enter the big give a way from Spellbinder's Give a Way

8.  Learn my new phone

(oh, wait…that’s more things than I agreed to do)

Any bets on what I really do this week?


Does anyone know what type of flower this is?  I posted it because I really love the texture of the leaves.

Granted, it has nothing to do with this post,

but it’s my blog and I can post whatever I want!!!


Mental P Mama said…
That plant is Lamb's Ear (Stachys) It is very easy to grow, too! By the way, after you finish all that, will you please come up here and do some stuff for me?
Anonymous said…
That is a lot to do. I got tired just reading the list!
imom said…
I have a couple of those plants in my garden too and had no idea what they were. Thanks to MPM we both know!

Since you wrote those goals down you have a better chance of getting them done! Me, I'd just do all the reading and maybe the book making and forget about the cleaning!
Daryl said…
That's a lot of doing .. I hope someone distracts you from it .. I think the sun is out
Mama beat me to it - the plant is Lamb's Ear (http://www.mountainvalleygrowers.com/stalanata.htm). It grows in the garden of our (yet) unsold home. It has never looked more lovely and I check in on it every week. I love the soft texture of the leaves.

Good luck on achieving your goals! It is quite a daunting list. Mine is much simpler 1) get up in the AM; 2) get ready for work; 3) go to work and be productive; 4) watch clock until 5:00pm. {sigh} I really need to retire...
Country Girl said…
Mental P beat me to naming the Lamb's Ears. It's a spreader in the garden, too. Easy to maintain.

I bet you complete more than you think you will. Especially if you have lots of air conditioning.
Jeannelle said…
Am going out on a limb and predicting you will get ALL those things done this week. They sound like good pastimes for summer afternoons. I read "Deception Point" a few years ago, too.

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