Mindless Gabber

Going to sleep is quite the chore for me.

I can’t seem to turn off my brain.

Sometimes, I rethink the day.

Other times, I wonder about what to blog for the next day.

Then I focus on the glaring light emitting from my clock on my nightstand.

Blue glowing LED light.

It is quite annoying.

Every night, I turn the annoying blue glowing LED down on my nightstand.

However, I can see the light streaming out from the bottom.

I place my DIRECTV remote control directly next to the alarm clock.

Believe me, it helps a lot.

Perhaps I should just kill the clock all together.


Problem solved.


Daryl said…
:::guffaw::: and possibly an unattractive :::snort:::
Grandma J said…
Well, that takes care of that!
Deb said…
Glad I could make ya'll laugh, Ladies!
Joyce said…
Does this mean I can smash my husband as he snores all night and is much more annoying then the light of the clock?
Nurse Nancy said…
Sounds like we live in the same house...my clock radio glares RED! Not a restful color....good solution though.
imom said…
Hahaha! Love your solution!
Andrea said…
Ditto what Joyce said!
Jo said…
Oh, gosh you have my sympathy.

What about an eye mask? Do you have insomnia?

Been there, done that...

Chamomile tea, and lots of it -- with honey -- helps.
Country Girl said…
Did you really?!!!

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