How I Love Current Affairs

My friend, You Know Who You Are!, noted this new Blog Site a few months back.  Since then, I have subscribed to the site in order to keep up on current lingo.  Today’s phrase was pretty funny.  And despite all of the celebrity death’s, someone still found time to recall another story in the news. 


June 27: Hiking in Appalachia

To have an extramarital affair. Stems from the disappearance and subsequent reappearance of South Carolina Governor, Mark Sanford(R). Gov. Sanford was thought to be hiking in Appalachia. In actuality, he was having an affair in the South American country of Argentina.

Girl, I just saw Susie's man hiking in Appalachia.


Mental P Mama said…
LOL. That's a good one!!
Anonymous said…
This totally hit my funny bone!
imom said…
I just love the Urban Dictionary! This one made me chuckle!

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