Today…That’s It

Sitting at my computer this morning, waiting for the satellite repairman to come, sipping my morning coffee and I am wondering… “What the heck am I going to post today?"  Well, here goes.  And i promise you, it will not be profound in any way, shape or matter. 

Although I dozed off last night by 10:15 and woke up stretching my arms above my head at 8:00 this morning, every thing hurts.  It’s an inner pain that has me convinced I have joined the fibromyalgia club.  All of my female relatives have this affliction, yet, I have refused to participate up to now.  There is no other solution but to live on Advil or Aleve.

Coffee just isn’t coffee without hazelnut creamer in it.  Yesterday, my husband poured skim milk in my coffee and I swear, my stomach wanted to revolt.  Maybe what I drink isn’t really coffee but creamer with a splash of coffee.

I am fervently attempting to attack my list.  Currently, I have read 50 pages of Deception Code.  The deception was revealed but I still have 300 pages left so I’m thinking this isn’t the real deception.  Dan Brown doesn’t reveal the goods with that much left of the book to go.  Haven’t touched my desk nor my stamps nor the book for my Mom.  I have, however, learned how to answer my phone 2 ways and can text away!  How many of you want to receive texts from me?  Just let me know.


This photo is one of my all time favorites!  It was taken when my sister came to visit in May while we were dining alfresco at a local restaurant.  On the patio, poised with fountain and fish, Grandpa thought it to be a grand idea to introduce Jack to the water.  The look on my husband’s face….PRICELESS!

That’s it!  It’s all I got for today!


Grandma J said…
Jack and Grandpa are buddys for sure! What a great picture.
J'ellen said…
Wonderful candid shot! My best friend was just diagnosed with fibromyalgia and is doing the testing/drugs route. What a miserable condition; I'm sorry it has "found" you too.
Jeannelle said…
I agree....great candid photo capture! What an expression of unbridled joy!

Sorry to hear of your possible fibromyalgia. Sounds like no fun.
Jamie Payne said…
I love that picture! You captured the moment perfectly:)
DesertHen said…
Now that is a priceless photo! Great capture! Your coffee sounds good. I like coffee, but it hates me! Enjoy your day.
Country Girl said…
That is such a happy shot, Deb! I can see why it's a favorite.
I'm sorry you're feeling this way. I hope you figure out what it is and get some relief.
I think I rarely have anything interesting to say, so I do the logical thing and just say it.

And that's the end of that story.
imom said…
I can relate to having creamer with a splash of coffee!

Since I've been taking a mega dose a vitamin D for the past 8 weeks (as prescribed by my Dr.) my body aches have almost disappeared. I was afraid I had something really wrong with me, but I guess it was just a vitamin deficiency. I hope you find some relief. It's really no fun to be constantly achy.

That picture is so priceless!
Laura ~Peach~ said…
priceless pic love it!!!
Linda said…
I love that pic with Jack n Butthead-being a grandpa is the Best & being a Grandma-nothing in the world can compare!
Hey I know I sent you a link before-but you really should consider the Mona Vie for your Fibramyalgia (Joe and I started in March) and our aches (his knees) my leg pain are virtually gone, plus as an added bonus his blood sugars are now controllable. It's incredible what it does-I started it-but he wanted to do it too, so then I became a distributor so I could get it wholesale-call me 215-443-2627 and I'll explain it better- it's 19 fruits including the acai berry -2 ounces in morning and 2 ounces in evening-haven't taken pain pills or his 600 ibuprofens in months since I started drinking this-much better and safer for us :o)
Sue said…
Fabulous shot of grandpa and grandson...and I'm happy to hear that I am not the only one with full body pain..I spent the whole day in bed aching from head to toe....atleast no migraine but this is getting ridiculous...Baby and daughter arrive in 2 weeks and I feel like crap....Aleve ain't helping any other good ideas??

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