Things That Bug Me

  1. Drivers who leave their signals on long after they change lanes.
  2. Bloggers who never visit your site, even though you always leave messages on their blogs.
  3. People who leave the bread bag open.
  4. Those that refuse to change the empty toilet paper roll.
  5. People who are indifferent to most everything.
  6. Lack of true customer's the customers who keep companies in business.
  7. Spending $25 a year to get discounts at a large book store. Not gonna do it anymore.
  8. Actual bugs, bug me.
  9. People who procrastinate.
  10. Tupperware
  11. Plastic bags
  12. People who sneak into the 15 item or less line with 134 things in their baskets.

I could go on and on but I am trying to start the weekend off with a smile...may be a forced smile, but a smile all the same!


imom said…
That picture is beautiful!

Ohhh, that toilet paper one is at the top of my list!!
Miss_Nobody said…
No.2 is the one which burns my top,and Tupperware-the smell sucks!
Maria said…
I don't like people that pull out in front of you to where you have to break & then turn at the next block (break again) even though no one is behind you for a mile & they could have waited, urrr
not putting there cart up in grocery parking lot (& putting it up correctly, not just pushed in the general direction)... it takes about 10 seconds people.
OK I feel better ;o)
on the checkout lane thing have you seen the joke where the clerk ask the person with the loaded cart, which 15 items would you like to buy?
Mental P Mama said…
Or the people who pull out in front of you, then proceed to drive 5 mph, including through all the stop signs. And don't get me going about leaving food stuck to the kitchen sink and the unwrung sponge. Oh dear, I need a bath.
Asthmagirl said…
People who roll through a stop sign so they can pull out in front of you and go 1/3 of the speed limit. Especially galling if there was no one behind you. Yes... lady in the black bronco... I'm talking about you.

People who don't put the remote back.... people who put the milk carton back in the fridge when it only has 1/8 teaspoon in the bottom.

Sorry... this was your beef not mine...
Oz Girl said…
You hit it dead-on with number 2! Pet peeve of mine also.

I commend your positive attitude and hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Remember, less muscles to smile... unless you need the workout, then go ahead and frown. LOL
Oz Girl said…
Whoops, forgot to say sorry for the tick photo. I don't think too many of my readers enjoyed that one. For the record, I hate 'em -- the ticks, not my readers.

I'm now back to my regularly scheduled programming of pleasant photos on my photo blog. :)
jojo said…
bugs....bug me too! Have a good weekend Deb...;p
Jeannelle said…
I like #7....they always ask me to join the "club" or whatever and I always say "No, thanks."

Love the photo.....daisy fleabane, I think. Just took a photo of one like it here in our yard.
a corgi said…
hi; been reading your blog for about a week or so, but first time (I think) I'm leaving a comment; I love your list; especially the 134 items in the express lane

you have a great unique sense of humor and I enjoy coming over and reading your journal when I can

enjoy the weekend

Country Girl said…
I like coming to your site. Sometimes I feel bad because I can't visit everyone who leaves me a comment on mine. I try. A little.
But now I'm over it.
We drove straight through and left Biloxi at 5 am. Got home at 1 am. I was so mad that my husband did this. I think it was my anger that kept me awake and driving. My biggest pet peave is people who camp out in the hammer lane. Pissed me off more than my husband did.

Ok. I'm over that now, too.

Laura ~Peach~ said…
blogger bugs me when it takes 37 tried to read someones blog then wont let you comment.... i have operational error burned into my brain....
i am mass commenting cause for some reason today it is letting me!!!!!

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