Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Will The Cat Apologizes

It's been a few weeks since my incident with my sleeping cat, Will. My scars have healed without leaving any permanent signs. I was even brave enough to tweeze my left eye brow now that the claw mark healed. My family commented on how it could have been much worse, Will could have scratched my cornea. Something I never thought about which was probably a good thing.

After the abrupt awakening incident, I have seen a slight difference in Will. What? You say! Well, if he is asleep on the bed and hears me come in, he immediately opens one eye as if to say "I'm not going to make that mistake again!"
Lately, he is overly affectionate. I am the recipient of many head butts, paw kisses on my face and unending nudges and cuddles. It's almost as if he has tried to apologize a million times since the scratching incident. All in all, I think Will was a bit upset with the negative press and wanted to set the record straight!
Do you think your animals have a human side? Do they express sorrow for doing something wrong?


Debra (a/k/a Doris, Mimi) said...

Sometimes I wonder... why should animals take on human characteristics? Wouldn't we humans be better off if we assumed animal characteristics? I don't mean animal as in primitive. I mean animal as in loyal, unquestioned devotion, even temperament, predictable, and soulful. My 3 canine children understand when I am sad, upset, or even angry. They interpret my moods. When I am sad, they snuggle closer as if to give comfort. They are amazingly bright and intuitive. They don't argue with me, talk back, or become sarcastic. They are always loving and never ask for more than I can give. I love them to pieces. They are my world!

Mental P Mama said...

I think they do. Especially dogs. But I love how he is making nice with you. I think he may be bringing you a mouse any day now;)

Mei Del said...

i think they do too. my dog always looks remorseful when he's done something bad, hangs his head in shame. and when he's happy he has that upright walk with his tail waving gently in the airm, hang on a bit maybe those are animal characteristics us humans have adopted?

ps got here by black boxing ... the choices were quite risque (!) but your blog looks like a haven of peace and happiness