Sunday, September 7, 2008

Crazy Blog Dream

It's a beautiful Sunday morning here and much to my surprise, I woke shortly after 8:00 am. What probably caused my early rising was the crazy dream I had last night about my blog. Let me explain.

We all want validation that somebody out there is reading our blog, for me, I can't wait to read a comment from the few that actually read this crazy blog. You see, I have my blog set up to email me when someone posts a comment because sometimes, I over look a comment. In my dream, I open up my email to see that I had over 20 comments to a post. Being the nut job that I am, I don't reveal the comment there. Quickly, I go over to my blog and read the comments under the posts.

Still dreaming, mind you, I open the comments section and I am embarrassed, appalled, sickened, and scared that someone, no several someones had left remarks of a sexual nature and of a stalking nature. Clearly, it was out of a horror movie. Dreaming! I immediately began deleting the comments, but the comments would not go away. I was left with having to delete my entire blog and go to Word Press.

Crazy? Yes, I am. Dreams? Where are the nice ones with puppy dogs and fluffy kittens or being a superwoman hero?

Tell me what crazy dream have you had that you want to share. If you dare.......(now pretend you hear the evil laughter)


pissed off patricia said...


I'm glad you found my Morning Martini site too.

If I wake up in the morning and for some reason laze around and go back to sleep, that's when I have the funky dreams.

My last one was about my being somewhere and being lost. Everyone I tried to talk to kept talking about politics. I was getting scared and frustrated. When I woke up the tv was on and guess what they were talking about...politics. I guess I had wrapped my dream around the voices coming from the tv.

Mental P Mama said...

I think we need Dr. Freud to figure this one out...I think it has something to do with sex;)

Sarah Irish said...

hee. that's funny! :)