A Kinder, Gentler Life

In life, there are certain things that separate us from one another.

There are kind souls who truly feel compassion for others.

I have been behind those racing through the toll booth to find out that my toll was paid by a kind person ahead of me.

Often, we meet someone who is just unbelievably rude in life or someone that flips us the bird for  turning right. 

It truly boggles my mind.

However, civility would rush over all if we simply used place cards for dinner parties!

Here’s the link I found, thanks to HGTV that I wanted to share you all of you!

Thanksgiving Place Cards

Although I own Christmas Place cards, I have lived a unruly life at Thanksgiving. 

Thank you HGTV for bringing order to my life!

Hope you enjoyed the light hearted post today!


jojo said…
those are cute!! We must be civilized, especially on turkey day...jj
Country Girl said…
What a great idea, Deb. Good find.
Sue said…
Hi Deb...such a sweet post...I would use place cards but I already know who's going to be sitting at our table on Thanksgiving...It's always just me and the Boss....I like to think of us as Ina and Jeffrey....Ina can make a dinner party out of two people!!
Chatty Crone said…
Good Morning - I agree with you about the kindness going around these days - I wrote about it today too.

We have a very small gathering at Thanksgiving too, but the site is one I am saving. I never thought about going there and getting information and things like that. Thank you.
Kathleen said…
Love your post. Have to try those on Thanksgiving
Grandma J said…
Great idea! Now I have one more Thanksgiving project to do. I really do love the holidays.
Thank you!

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