It's a Slow Week...Yeah, Right!

If you're like me, you, no we, have many things to do this week. Wait, we don't have all week, we only have until Wednesday evening.
First, it's the menu. I have written and rewritten my grocery list several times. Why do husbands have to make notes on the menu you've slaved over just to add "softener" right at the top of the page. I mean, who does that?
Next, I must check out the local grocery ads. Do you know butter is 2 for $3 at Publix? Really! I plan on hitting the grocery stores on Tuesday.
Maybe start my baking Tuesday evening.
Wednesday, I pick up my 24 - 26 pound turkey at Whole Foods. My husband doesn't think it's a big enough turkey unless it weighs in over 20 pounds. Just sayin'. He lives for turkey left overs.
The balance of Wednesday will be filled with cooking and trying to determine what things in my fridge really don't need to be cooled.
I miss my second fridge.
And since we will be eating at my daughter's in laws, I will pack up all of my delicious food and enjoy a big family dinner.
So, what things do you have to do this week? And please, don't say make reservations!


Nurse Nancy said…
I am working a half day on Thanksgiving....but will be baking today and tomorrow and bringing the baked goods to my brother who will be doing the dinner part.
Chatty Crone said…
Heck, I don't need reservations - I'll just come and eat at your house! Happy Thanksgiving!
Laura ~Peach~ said…
and i am the one who prefers the 14 pound turkey LOL but, then again we have turkey several times a year... like mid summer when the desire hits so .... i guess we fix that craving :)
Mental P Mama said…
Hey--will you send me some of that butter? I will freeze it! We are only having turkey breasts here. No one will eat dark meat. gah
Daryl said…
This year its pizza .. all I am going to do it open the wine .. I got a pumpkin pie and an apple pie (from our fabulous chefs here at the office)to have for dessert .. on the way home tomorrow I will stop and get spinach salad - pre-made - Oh I guess I will be opening that too ..

In the past I have cooked, I have ordered in and then hotted food up .. I have ordered in non tradition and traditional (no one here who does eat meat eats the dark meat) and I decided this year I dont even want to do that ...

So its pizza .. ToonMan will have pepperoni and my sister and I will have fresh mushroom/tomato .. and a very nice Malbec

Donna S. said…
I also will be eating at my daughter-n-law & son's house. We bought the turkey (always had huge ones but had to downsize when my son started frying them so they fit into the fryer). I always have to bring the dressing. I will also bring pea salad & a pumpkin roll (a local woman makes & I am buying).

Have a great holiday everyone
imom said…
Make reservations?! Hahahaha! I'm doing all the cooking, already shopped, plan to bake pies this afternoon, plan to chop this evening with a big ole glass of wine! Life is good! Have a great Thanksgiving hon!
Sue said…
I asked the Boss if he really wanted me to cook a turkey since he doesn't budge off the couch and I just didn't feel like making a big meal and having him eat it in 5 minutes....he agreed and said he didn't want me spending hours in the kitchen cooking and hours cleaning his solution was..."Why don't you just make a small turkey with stuffing...and maybe a pumpkin pie"....Yes..Like making a smaller turkey does not require cooking or cleaning up...So much for having a day off from cooking....Atleast i get to spend Christmas at the daughter's..Have a wonderful day!
And will you be going to Karyn's and Nola' party on the 11th.?
Grandma J said…
Happy Thanksgiving, Deb! You are someone I am thankful for in my little world!
Country Girl said…
My husband came home with over a dozen pounds of butter this week. There was a sale at the WalMart. On Land-O-Lakes, no less.
I'm in-between dishes. Got the pie in the oven and it's time to make the vegetable gratin.
Thinking of you! Have a wonderful time.
Anonymous said…
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