The First Annual Georgia / Florida Gathering…and Halloween, Too

Fun times.  Family.  Football.  Georgia lost, but that was expected.  Darn, I really was wishing for a miracle. 


It was an official party because of the signage made by yours truly on my Cricut Expression.IMG_3658

The official posters of the two collegiate teams.IMG_3659


Our host, Ron, shows off his brand new projection TV!IMG_3660

Son in law and Father in law discuss pregame strategies and enjoy a beverage.


You can’t have a party without food and we had plenty!  Here’s the beginning of it with the

Halloween goodies.


More delicious treats…

IMG_3663       One cannot have a party without cocktail weenies…


This is Kaye’s famous cherry crock pot cakes!IMG_3666

These are my famous chafing dish meatballs.  IMG_3667Ok…a Gator came to the party… and laughed at us all day!


The necessary Georgia and Florida cupcakes…


   Home made salsa…yum!IMG_3673

Spidery cheese balls


Wormy candied apples…


More treats for the kids….I made the goodie bags!


This is a house divided….


Mom in Law, Kay and Daughter in law Erika


Jack sampled all food at eye level…did I say he only napped for 20 minutes all day?


Here’s Oma…inside to keep warm.



Linda and Jim, the next door neighbors…


Steve and Bobbi…Bobbie has the very cute tattoo on her ankle that I love!

IMG_3691Ron and Terry enjoying the party         


Doug, Molly and Sarah…true Georgia Fans!


Future Georgia Cheerleader, Molly

IMG_3709Many hours later, Jack, Mom and Dad stopped by to deliver my cell phone to me which I forgot.

Jack was still going strong at 8:00 PM but was not very accommodating to posing in his Halloween costume. 

Although Georgia lost to Florida, it was a great day.  There’s always next year, right!


Country Girl said…
Our weekend here wast he total opposite of yours. Quiet.

Yours looks like much fun, though.
Bill S. said…
What a party.... It looks like you had a ball. Halloween is quiet for me, but my wife is very busy. Now Thanksgiving and Christmas are a party around here.
Mental P Mama said…
Fun times;) Go Vanderbilt!
jojo said…
despite the outcome it looks like everyone had a good time..;p
imom said…
Good friends, good food, good times!
Nurse Nancy said…
Love the creative fare! Looks like it was great fun.
Daryl said…
I love how creative you are .. that food looks beautiful and I bet it tasted even better...
Laura ~Peach~ said…
looks like tons of fun!

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