Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Sometimes…Life is a Puzzle

Sometimes, life is a puzzle.

Sometimes, my rubber stamps are a puzzle.


Sometimes, everything does not fit back into the same box.

As you see, I have one lonely stamp without a home.


Let’s try this again.

Nope that is worse!


If first you don’t succeed, dump then all out and start again.

But wait, I may have a solution.


look on the back of the box!

Eureka!  Notice how people don’t say Eureka anymore?


Now I can rest.  Everyone is back in their rightful home.

A good night’s sleep will be had by all!


Mental P Mama said...


Nurse Nancy said...

It is comforting when everything is in its rightful place....hope you had some sweet dreams.

imom said...

I usually give up and use a zip lock bag!

TSannie said...

Well, I'm glad THAT problem was solved!

Daryl said...

I love saying Eureka and calling guys 'big lugs' ... and I am so happy you figured it out .. ;-D

Jeannelle said...

These look like some very cool stamps....with the European sights on them.

Country Girl said...


Sue said...

Love these stamps...I used to stamp all the time...not cards but gift paper...I haven't done that in a long time..it was so much fun...