Ever wonder why at one time you could drink milk and eat ice cream and then your body rebels against it?


Will I feel differently after I get my hair highlighted Saturday?

One week from today, my sister comes for a visit?  Can you spell trouble?  Can you hear my evil laugh?


A dear friend of over 20 years and I no longer talk.  After said apologies, it wasn’t good enough and now it’s over.

A new friend of mine has cancer.  It sucks, but she is so strong.  I admire her.

Was anyone disappointed in the season finale of Bones?


With summer TV upon us, I am guessing I will get loads of reading done.

Should I attempt to kayak the Chattahoochee?  Did I mention I have never kayaked before?

I am going to teach my grandson to say “yes ma’am” and “no, sir”…when he begins to talk, of course!

I no longer like Suave shampoo and conditioner.  Any suggestions as to what I should use now?


How long does it take for you to use an entire Secret deodorant?  A month?  Two months?  A year?  Just curious. 

My cat, Grace, wants to go play with the boy cats.  Can I use a muzzle to stop her incessant meowing? 


Mental P Mama said…
I just started using tresSemme shampoo and conditioner, and I love it! I am sorry about your friends. Both of them. And good for you on the ma'am and sir!
Daryl said…
I use Clairol's Shimmer Lights its da bomb for silver and blonde hair ... I am sorry to hear your friendship ended, I am thinking it wasnt a true friendship which can survive anything. And sending healing vibes to your new friend...tell her GET ANGRY .. its the best advice I can give and I am a cancer survivor.

Has Grace been 'fixed'? THAT will stop her meowing

When you use up your Secret, you'll know exactly how long it took
Anonymous said…
I only use Kerastase. You can find it ebay for a good price sometimes. For chemically treated hair, especially hair that has seen bleach, it's very nurturing.

It's sad to lose a friend after 20 years. I'm so sorry...

And your friend with cancer... good vibes headed her way!

Go kayaking, it's a gas!
Jeannelle said…
See, you can find things to blog about! Great gibberish!

A sister with candles on her head would be trouble! Have fun.

Sorry about the lost friendship. Blessings to your ill friend.

I change shampoo brands often, but am liking Fructis right now.
Jo said…
I'm sorry to hear your friendship has ended. That happened to me once, as well, and you can never get it back.

Biosilk makes a very nice product. Here is their website:

Be sure to show us pictures of your highlighted hair!

I've been a Rusk girl for years. Both shampoo and conditioner last a long time. A little goes a long, long way.

I'm terribly sorry about losing a valued friendship. It happens...we feel loss...and move on. Remember the good times.

I'm also sorry to hear about your other friend. I'm sending thoughts and prayers her way. She's lucky to have you for support. You are an awesome friend!

Hmmm...not so sure about kyaking. It's not something I would do. But then I do raft and love it.
Country Girl said…
I am currently using Ojon shampoo and conditioner. I splurged because I was so happy to be able to use my right hand again while in the shower.
I also use biosilk like Jo above. My hair feels like silk at the moment.
What the hell. Go ahead and kayak. Your arms and shoulders will hurt, though if it's new to you!
I'm sorry to hear about your friend and glad to hear about your sister. She looks fun!
Have fun storming the castle!
Sue said…
Interested in knowing who terminated the friendship...I have friends from 40 years ago that no matter what happens everything is always foregiven...I find myself now with someone I have known about 20 years...not terribly close...and she did something I thought was so tacky that I immediatly was turned off by her...I now notice this behavior is an ongoing thing and I would just as soon not talk to her anymore....What to do...what to do...
Joyce said…
Some times you just have to let a friend go and get on with your life. I have my best friend since grade K. I have another friend who comes in and out of my life like the seasons and I just accept that is the way she is. Shampoo, my hair is dry and wavy and has a mind of its own and I buy what is on sale. I control my hair with a hot flat iron. I do use a good deep conditoner on my head for 1/2 hr every two weeks and that helps.
imom said…
I use Matrix for color treated hair that I get from Asthmagirl!

Milk has always been rejected by my body!

I'm sorry about both of your friends.

I can't tell you how many times I want to muzzle my cat!!

Have a great weekend!

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