Monday, May 11, 2009

My New Addiction

OK, I will come clean.  I have been terribly distracted for the last few weeks and I have my dear daughter to blame.  Darling daughter sent me a link on Face book for Farm Town, a virtual online game in which you become a farmer and tend to your fields.  As a farmer, you are required to plant seeds, water, build fences, harvest your crops and try to get hired by your fellow farmers to earn more money. 

At first, I pooh poohed the idea of harvesting my potatoes.  After much whining from my daughter, I proceeded to check it out. Big mistake!  I mean BIG MISTAKE!

Now, I have never been a geeky game nerd.  Nintendo or Atari just were not my thing.  Simply put, I cannot detail the charismatic traits of this game. 

In two short weeks, I have gone from a level one farmer to level 25.  In short, I am on a mad pace to reach the final level, 36.  As I tell my husband, there are worse addictions, I suppose. 

Check it out if you dare…Farm Town


PS…do not blame me if you become addicted!


Maria said...

that looks like fun soooo .... I do not dare check it out :)
enough addictions right at the moment

Maria said...

BTW, thanks for the warning and I'm rooting for you to go all the way!

Mental P Mama said...


asthmagirl said...

You sent me the link and I realized this might be a dangerous road for me to go down!

You go, Farmer Deb!

imom said...

There are definitely worse addictions! I'm rooting for you! Get it? Rooting?

Daryl said...

I am groaning over imom's comment .. and trust me, this city girl isnt even getting virtual dirt under her manicure!


~CC Catherine said...

Hey Deb, Since I don't have time for another addiction, I'm going to trust you on this one! ha! Blogging is about all I have time for right now! ;) ~CC Catherine