My New Addiction

OK, I will come clean.  I have been terribly distracted for the last few weeks and I have my dear daughter to blame.  Darling daughter sent me a link on Face book for Farm Town, a virtual online game in which you become a farmer and tend to your fields.  As a farmer, you are required to plant seeds, water, build fences, harvest your crops and try to get hired by your fellow farmers to earn more money. 

At first, I pooh poohed the idea of harvesting my potatoes.  After much whining from my daughter, I proceeded to check it out. Big mistake!  I mean BIG MISTAKE!

Now, I have never been a geeky game nerd.  Nintendo or Atari just were not my thing.  Simply put, I cannot detail the charismatic traits of this game. 

In two short weeks, I have gone from a level one farmer to level 25.  In short, I am on a mad pace to reach the final level, 36.  As I tell my husband, there are worse addictions, I suppose. 

Check it out if you dare…Farm Town


PS…do not blame me if you become addicted!


Maria said…
that looks like fun soooo .... I do not dare check it out :)
enough addictions right at the moment
Maria said…
BTW, thanks for the warning and I'm rooting for you to go all the way!
Anonymous said…
You sent me the link and I realized this might be a dangerous road for me to go down!

You go, Farmer Deb!
imom said…
There are definitely worse addictions! I'm rooting for you! Get it? Rooting?
Daryl said…
I am groaning over imom's comment .. and trust me, this city girl isnt even getting virtual dirt under her manicure!

~CC Catherine said…
Hey Deb, Since I don't have time for another addiction, I'm going to trust you on this one! ha! Blogging is about all I have time for right now! ;) ~CC Catherine

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