It’s All About Perception

Quite Sunday morning.  Sipping fresh coffee.  The house is quiet.  My Dad’s clock is chiming in the background.  It makes me wonder how I would have been different if my parent’s did not divorce when I was 8.  What influences would he have brought into my life had he been strong enough to fend off the influences of the other woman and been the Dad that my sister and I needed.

Although I try to be the person that can forgive someone at all costs in order to have a peaceful soul, it is difficult not to harbor contentment.  With that said, I try every day to practice this measure.  I really do.


Problems are like a grain of sand, there are many.  We can either focus on the minutia in life or look at the big picture.  We are not alone.  We have others to lean on.  It’s ok to lean sometimes.  It really is. 


Mental P Mama said…
Amen. Have a peaceful day.
Grandma J said…
Life takes different twists and turns, we learn to bend with them, like branches in the wind.
Anonymous said…
It's impossible to know how things would have changed.... but what a strong woman you turned out to be.
Country Girl said…
Very honest and straightforward post, Deb. I like the accompanying photo as well. We are not alone, are we? And we all have our cross to bear.
Peace, my friend.
Daryl said…
May I say to what I said to Husband when he learned at age 40 that he was adopted.

You are who you are and wondering what if isnt going to change anything.

You, Deb, are an amazing woman ... embrace that.

Jeannelle said…
"harboring contentment"...that's a really great thought, Deb. Everyone in your life knows you as you are....if you were different, they might not be there.
imom said…
Sometimes I wonder "what if" thoughts too, but I try very hard not to, it doesn't change a thing. What I've done is make life very different for my children and brought myself peace that way!

I love the photo you put with your thoughts, so perfect!

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