Sunday, May 31, 2009

Dance Like No One Is Watching

Geri & Steve 

Work like you don't need the money.
Dance like no one is watching.
And love like you've never been hurt.

-Mark Twain


My lovely sister and my wonderful brother in law!

Befitting of one of my favorite authors quotes.


Jojo said...

The older I get the quote could just be condensed to:


Lovely picture.

Grandma J said...

A very handsome couple and a favorite quote of mine

Country Girl said...

I've always loved this quote. You have a beautiful family!

Mental P Mama said...

You all look jut alike! Love it!!!

imom said...

They are adorable!

asthmagirl said...

So sweet! You look a lot like your sister!

Daryl said...

Great quote, handsome couple!