A Little Boy Dumpling!

The highlight of my day today was getting to hear my little grandson Jack's heart beat. My daughter's doctor entered the exam room and asked my daughter "How is your little dumpling today?" She refers to all her patients' babies as dumplings! How adorable is that!!! I find that she connects with her patients as a mother which exhibits a comforting, nurturing manner and puts the moms at ease.
I haven't posted the photos just yet from the shower because I have been running ragged between Alpharetta and Fayetteville. My mom is back in the hospital and I haven't found a moment to start working on Jack's nursery. If all goes as planned, I will dedicate Thursday to begin adding my finesse and give my daughter a hand.
I am tired.


Chere said…
You look wonderful.Your life seems so full of wonderful things. You and Fred are seeing our country. I can hear the giggle in your voice when you talk about baby Jack. How is your Mom doing? I love seeing all the pictures of the place you are going. Enjoy helping with the nursery and baby Jack will soon be here.
There is nothing in the world like a grandchild. Grandchildren are way more fun than your own offspring. I love that I can spoil them rotten and sit on the floor and play with them. Then I can go home and leave the diapers and cleaning up to Jamie. Baby Jack will certainly be loved. You and Fred will be wonderful grandparents. Jack is so lucky!

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