God Has a Plan

If there is anyone that doesn't believe God has a plan for us all, let me tell you this story and you will soon agree that we are not in charge.

My week and a half home was planned months ago. The purpose for my trip was to stay at Erika's while her husband, Aaron, was on a business trip. Erika is, after all, 32 weeks pregnant as evident by looking at her growing belly.

I planned on staying with Mom for the first few days and then driving up to Roswell to take care of my baby girl. Several days before I came home, Mom went into the hospital with a crazy virus that really put her flat on her back. Luckily, I was there to take her home from the hospital and able to stay with her for several days. She was home for only 4 days when I had to take her back to the doctor who immediately admitted her in Piedmont Fayette last Tuesday.

I had an eerie feeling after trying to contact Becky all day without success and I began to grow nervous that something was wrong with her father in law, whom we lovingly referred to as Pops for over 25 years. Pops was a resident at a nursing home for the last several years. Sadly, dear Pops passed away in his sleep.

God's plan worked out perfectly. I was in town to take care of my mother and get her the care she needed, otherwise, I shutter to wonder what would have happened had I not been in the right place at the right time.

The Wallace's have been our Georgia family for the past 25 years. Had I been in California when Pops' passed, I'm not sure how I would ever get over that. But God had a plan that I be in the right place at a very sad time to be of what little assistance I could be to my Georgia family.

We are not in charge, I know this. It's often difficult to trust in Him when we think we know best. We couldn't be more wrong.

Aside from all of this, I did manage to hold onto some very fond memories with my children. Steven never ceases to amaze me. No longer a boy, but now a man, I love him with all my heart. He knows why.

When your children begin to have a children of their own, you discover it is a life changing experience. My little girl is going to be a mom very soon. I can't describe the words but I can only say that I am so very proud of her and her life choices. She choose a wonderful man as her husband and soon to be father to Baby Dumpling, Jack. Aaron is a caring, tender, loving man who wants nothing more than to be the best husband and father he can possibly be. He is a wonderful part of our family.
Yes, God has a plan.


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