Beautiful Daugher

One month left to go, according to a bogus due date, and my little girl will become a mother. Where have the 31 years gone to?

It seems like only yesterday I propped her up on my lap to brup her (she was a very difficult baby to burp).

It seems like only yesterday she took her first step (she walked at 9 months, yes, that's what I said!).

It seems like only yesterday she suffered from allergies to almost everything under the sun. Two years of allergy shots managed to overcome this and she was able to Trick N Treat for the very first time at age 5 (she was either in the hospital every October or too sick to go out).

It seems like only yesterday that I put her on the school bus for the very first time as I balled my eyes out! I remember how her little blond ringlets framed her face. I remember that smile, toothless, but the most beautiful smile in the world.

It seems like only yesterday that she put on that first little soccer uniform only to refuse to step onto the field.

I could go on and on sharing all sorts of wonderful memories of a mother and her child, but what I most look forward within a few short weeks, she will begin her journey as a mother and begin to collect thousands of special moments with Jack.
I love you baby girl!


Chere said…
I know you are on pins and needles waiting for baby Jack. It is always fun to walk down memory lane of our children's life. There are so many first. Keep us up to date.

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