The Beauty of the Desert

Arizona...a favorite location of my husband and I. The desert landscape is quite beautiful but the photos don't do it much justice. As most large cities, the Phoenix/Mesa area is plagued with air pollution. This photograph is of Supersitition Mountain. For reasons unknown to me, I am very intrigued with the desert. Perhaps it's the simplicity of the desert and my true appreciation of finding a flower in the midst of tumbleweeds and cactus or maybe it's the Native Indians that I can invision riding across the desert on horse back.
Nonetheless, Arizona is a place we could find ourselves living, as long as we make a rapid escape during the months of May through September, of course!


I completely understand your love for Arizona and dessert landscapes. I love it too! We have close friends living in Phoenix and Pete & I enjoyed a couple memorable vacations in beautiul Sedona. Last year we visited Albuquerque for the annual Baloon Fiesta and drove through the dessert to Santa Fe. (sigh) I envy you and Fred! Enjoy!

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