A Day With My Daughter

Last Friday, was the best! My daughter played hokey from work to spend part of the day with me. After sleeping late, we were off to her favorite brunch place, Mittie's in Alpharetta. This location holds a very special place for both of us as it was right across the street from where she got married at The Arbors.

Erika ordered scrambled eggs, turkey bacon, fruit and her favorite, orange cranberry scone. I felt adventuresome and ordered a Monte Cristo which is french toast stuffed with baked ham and swiss cheese. Surprisingly, it was great!

Although we sampled the mini scones, the large ones are on display when you immediately walk into Mittie's. Who could resist?
Thanks to the wonderful waitress that took such great care of us at Mittie's.
After brunch, we were off to North Point Mall to buy the very necessary, new bras for the 32 week pregnant woman. I always enjoyed shopping with my daughter because she was always open to my suggestions. What teenage daughter would actually relish the idea of Mom selecting her clothes? Honestly, I think there was only one on the planet, my daughter.

I seemed to have radar and went right to the sale rack. 20 minutes later, 2 bras were being wrapped up .... at 50% off!

As for Macy's....well, several years ago, when word leaked out that the premiere department store, Marchall Fields in Chicago sold to Federation chain, I hoped amongst all hope that the name would remain the same after the deal was done. I have so many wonderful childhood memories linked with Marshal Fields. Saturday afternoon trips with my beloved Grandmother Harriet for lunch in the Walnut room. Christmas lunches "under the tree" as a child, with my own children and all of my family are memories so precious that I have scrapbooked some of these treasures. And what about the phrase "Meet me under the clock"? This is synonymous with so many traditional Chicago memories. Frango mints? Excuse me while I wipe a tear from my cheek.

Ok, I have wandered a bit from my point and what was my point? Oh, yes, Macy's. I vowed never to enter a Macy's store after they violently tore down the Marshall Fields signage all over the city. However, as many of you know, a mother will do anything for her child and I did just that.

Beginning today, I rededicated my vow to never set foot in a Macy's again.


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