Good Bye, California!

After spending the last month and a half in the state of California, we bid you ado!
Things I'll miss...
the beautiful mountains
spectacular Pacific ocean
friendly folks
dog friendly atmosphere
the vineyards
Thursday farmers market
exquisite dining
USS Midway
San Diego
Things that won't be missed
insane traffic
secondary streets that are 6 lanes across
the horrific gasoline pricing (highest in the US)
outlandish real estate pricing ($675K is really reasonable for this postage size lot)
the whole celebrity aura
Leaving California behind us, we arrive in Arizona, Mesa to be exact. Mesa is a very cosmopolitan town. Great restaurants, wonderful people, just a good feeling here. Perhaps it is the desert that lures people here. At every turn, there are mountains on the horizon.
And honestly, it is really dry here. Have you ever heard of 7% humidity? Well it exists here in Mesa. You must hydrate your skin and slather lip balm at every chance you get otherwise you just shrivel up! Hello Philosphy Mimosa lip gloss! Yeah, I'm a sucker for anything Philosphy!
Oh, 6 weeks until baby dumpling arrives....:)


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