Not So Wordless Wednesday

Yesterday's blog mentioned the horrid heat, a dry Mother Earth and Banana Popsicles. Let me tell you what occurred last night between 9:00 P.M. and God Knows When...

Sitting quietly at home, minding my own business, enjoying the banana popsicle I found in the fridge, I first heard it. Yes, could that really be thunder? Just to convince me, Mother Nature bombarded me with multiple evidence of thunder.

Soon a gentle rain began falling. Soon the electricity began to flicker. Those having Directv know that even the slightest interruption of power causes every receiver in the house to reset itself. Annoying. Very annoying.

Just as everything seemed to settle down and I was about to watch the evening news, boom, darkness! And do I mean darkness. No lights. No TV. NO AIR! Gah!

So this morning, I got to thinking that perhaps if I blog it, "it" will come. Today being Wednesday (there is absolutely nothing wordless going on here), I will reference the Power Ball drawing today in hopes that is happens for me!

Now excuse me while I attempt to de-headache.


Maria said…
That's one of those be careful what you ask for you might get it.
We've had lots of thunder here lately but alas no rain, the sky is just teasing us. Who would have thought just a few months ago we'd be begging for rain, I thought for sure we'd gotten enough this winter to last us for summer.
Mental P Mama said…
We had some nice rain last night too. But kept all our money sucking I want a banana popsicle. And I, too, have a Powerball ticket;)
Wishing you rain, air and no headache
Daryl said…
We had a torrential downpour here around 7:30ish ... here its a good thing because streets can always use a good washing ... and there are few above ground wires/cables to be affected ... however TimeWarner which has a monopoly on our area has been having a lot of HD issues..pixelation, break up, stuttering sound tracks ... ARRRGH .. so I feel your pain, go take a nice walk .. put on sunscreen!
Chatty Crone said…
Your area must have gotten hit harder then ours - we didn't lose the electricity. Hope your headache gets better.

Tammy said…
I LOVE a good storm, but HATE losing power!

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