BP...Will YOU Protect This Turtle Nest?

The day I snapped this photo of a turtle nest in which the mommy
turtle had recently returned to the spot she was born last season to lay
her very own eggs, I wondered what would transpire over the next few months.
An environmentalist quickly place this alert around the nest
for people like me not to step on the babies and crush them.
People of the beach become quite reverent around these nesting sights.
It is what we do to protect this turtles rights to live.
We even go so far as to draw the drapes in our condos at 9:00 sharp so that the
turtle community is not distracted from the mortar and steel and electricity blaring
at them when it is their time to nest.
It is true!

The American beach going community try to do everything in our power not
to detract from somethings this species has been doing for hundreds of years.

Then one cost cutting incident by the largest oil producing company in the world, BP, comes
along and without any reverence to nature manages to cut this ritual with one wack.

Shame on you BP.
Your mothers would not be proud of you.

PS....do not attempt to post after you've taken an Ambien. I had to proof this morning!


Nurse Nancy said…
It gets more dishearting every day....I hope these babies live and that someone, somewhere, does something to make all this nonsense stop soon....the small people have spoken!
Mental P Mama said…
Those loggerheads are going to be decimated by this. Did you hear the President of BP yesterday? How they are putting aside that 20 billion for the "little people"? Gah.
Daryl said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Daryl said…
I deleted my comment because honestly it was inappropriate .. apologies to all .. I think I will go sit quietly til my mood lightens.
TSannie said…
The whole thing makes my heart hurt.
Joyce said…
Sad times. Oh and there is not way I am going to write a TS book as I can't even figure out what side of the plate to put the forks:-) Stay cool up there in Atl.

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