BP...Do You See This?

Too many summers to count, we have enjoyed this beach.
So many memories of family fun spent on this beach.
What will become of this magical place where sea shells are gathered
and lotion is slathered?

BP...do you promise that I can return to this beach next
summer to find it in the condition I left it?
BP...do you promise that the sea life will have a home next month?
BP...what the hell are you going to do once a hurricane hits the Gulf?
BP...I shall never ever put one drop of your oil into anything I own again.
I am so angry at you, BP.


Linda said…
So angry at the destruction and damage and the poor wildlife and economy of so many! Very Angry!!
North of 25A said…
I am angry and frustrated!
Daryl said…
Its truly a disgrace ... its bad enough this happened and lives were lost but then they lied for weeks about how much was spilling and how many birds and fish were dying and how the ecology will be ruined... GAH I hate them
deborah said…
I will never use BP products ever again I despise them.
The Armed Forces need to be called out, this is a catastrophic National Emergency. My heart breaks for the loss of life and for the loss of wildlife.
Tammy said…
The whole situation is beyond frustrating!
rose said…
such a big mess to all. rose
joven said…
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Maria said…
That is a beautiful photograph and I hope all our beaches will remain or return to it's natural beauty quickly. Also love what you are doing with your blog/template.

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