Farmer's Market...Ahhh!

Summer brings many exciting experiences but none other are as anticipated than our weekly visit to the Farmer's Market in Roswell, Georgia. As much as the market has grown with many new vendors, the customers have grown, too, causing the city to move the venue from the Riverside Park along the Chattahoochee to the municipal center. Yeah, not very exciting location, but I fully understand the need for more parking!

Moss Hill Farm offers the freshest squash, zucchini and eggplant as most is either picked the night before or early early in the morning.
I didn't purchase any honey, but I loved the yellow on yellow format of this cheery vendor's booth.
The beloved butterfly bush! It is the closest to the native lilac bush from the Midwest.
This trip, we were sans grandchild so no free flowers for me!
This is one of my favorite booths at the market if you are in need of some fresh herbs or perennials for your garden. Shade or sunny location, they have just the right plant for you.
As for these succulents, I am so very tempted to purchase, but we are in a very shady locale.
What says summer better than a great big bunch of sunflowers? Nothing if you ask me...
If you are in the mood for a nice cup of Joe, I highly recommend Thousand Coffee! They do a fine cup of iced coffee if you ask me!
The best little booth in the entire market is the knife sharpening guy. Last week we brought in 5 of our best knives for sharpening and let me tell you, these knives were never this sharp. I sliced bread then moved onto tomatoes and after a good cleaning, sliced a delicious rib eye steak. Never, have my knives been so sharp. Never! Nice job knife sharpening guy!

Well, this post is only a few days late, but none the less, finally posted.

Happy Last Day of June, Friends!


Chatty Crone said…
That looks like fun - I didn't know they had that there. Sandie
That looks like a lot of fun and great fruit, veggies and plants!!
Mental P Mama said…
What fun!!! I love those flowers for the kidlets! Our farmers' market is going on as I write this...maybe I should take myself right on over there!
joanne said…
I just love the farmers market and if we ever get some sunny days, on a saturday/sunday, I might just head over there.
Love the flowers..;p
DesertHen said…
I'm jealous! We don't have a farmers market like that here...=( We do have a small community garden and they do hold a market, but it doesn't start until late July and there really are not very many vendors. The honey looks wonderful and the sunflowers are so bright and cheery! =)
rose said…
i love to go to places like this. there seems to be an excitement to descover fruits/veg/flowers that are better than at wal mart.
rose said…
i love to go to places like this. there seems to be an excitement to descover fruits/veg/flowers that are better than at wal mart.
Joyce said…
What do they charge for a knife sharpening?

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