Hopes of a Little Stormy Weather

We could use a little rain and cooler temps!

Picture a summer thunderstorm.
The kind that brings cooling relief and the fresh smell of nature all around.
Remember sitting on the front porch, eating banana popsicles?
Swinging your feet back and forth as though you were pumping on a swing?
Catching lightening bugs and punching holes in an old mayonnaise jar.

Until then, let's all try to catch a breeze and rock a little.
I think much can be accomplished if you just rock your troubles away.

See you tomorrow!


Diane said…
I would be happy to have the 70's. I'd like to wear shorts!

Hope your travel plans are progressing!
Mental P Mama said…
Ahhhhhhhhh. The living is easy;)
Chatty Crone said…
Oh Debbie - I'M THINKING JUST LIKE YOU! sandie
Country Girl said…
You're not going to believe this and please don't be jealous, but a thunderstorm just moved through, bringing some blessedly sweet rain and cooler temps. Wish it had rained a little longer, though. The earth needs it badly.
Maria said…
Sweet post, made me smile. I've always lived in NC & I don't remember ever being miserable with the heat as a child as I am now. Never remember any moment that I thought ugh I've got to go in to the AC.
Daryl said…
Ominous skies ...

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