Mumbo Jumbo Stuff

I cannot recall when I have had so many headaches. Seriously, it is insane.
My expert opinion clearly blames the oppressive heat and humidity as
we have now achieved 16 straight days of over 90 degrees.

Today, trying to eat healthy, I prepared tuna fish salad over a bed of arugula and
accompanied this dish with a fresh red apple.
Sounds great right?
Well, be advised never, I repeat never to
chase your vitamins with a glass of iced tea post lunch.
Not a very pretty sight.

Where is my Moose Track ice cream?
To hell with healthy eating.

The wedding invitations are almost finished.
OMG! I am so very pleased with this project.

Little Jack is running a fever and feeling under the weather.
He is supposed to sleep over at Mimi's house tomorrow night.
I promised him popcorn and the movie Cars.
Waffles for a Saturday breakfast.
Hope you are better little guy!

Now where is the dock?


Deb so sorry you are still feeling bad with those headaches! I have had them also but not as bad yours it seems. We missed you today at the tea!
Chatty Crone said…
If your headaches continue see the doctor - I bet they are from the heat - I am feeling bad myself.

Like Linda said - we missed you today.

Glad you had a healthy lunch.

Mental P Mama said…
Ouch! So sorry about your headache...and I hope Jack is up and ready!
Maria said…
Hope you feel better soon & little guy also.
joanne said…
that kind of heat would just about kill me...hope you are all feeling better soon. Here's to some cooler weather and a great overnite with baby Jack..;p
Tammy said…
Since I stopped eating wheat I'm headache free! I hope you're feeling better soon... The head does not help headaches.
Diane said…
I hope you and Jack are both feeling better.

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