What Kept Me Up Last Night

If I was being judged on my ability to fall asleep last
night, I am afraid I would have been given a .005
on a scale from 0 to 100.
Yes, I watched a bit of ladies figure skating
last night in which our little girl scored the highest
ever of her career which is why I thought this scoring system worked well.
I also managed to watch all of the episodes of The Office
that air on Tuesday nights on TBS.
I learned how Jim and Pam finally got engaged.
Having Tivo in your bedroom is probably not a good idea.
Anyway, after turning off the TV, snuggling my
pillows, fan blowing in my face, I try to drift off to sleep.
And then...POW! This enters my brain...
How many beers can you name in 60 seconds?
I am not kidding you. Would I write about this if if wasn't real?
So, I play along with my fragmented brain activity at 1:00 am.
Bud Light (easy, right?)
Miller Light
Pabst Blue Ribbon (remember, I grew up in Chicago)
Dos Equis
Amber Boc k(now I am getting into the fancy beers)
Amstel Light (I love that just about every beer has a light version)
and then I come to a screeching halt...
What is the name of the beer I have in the fridge that I like?
No, not right at all.
I swear at least 45 minutes passed on the clock before Newcastle Brown Ale came to mind.
Right! How could I forget that?
Ok, I am ready to settle in and cross over in some really great rem sleep now.
The record light comes on and I am wondering what in the heck am I recording?
On goes the tv again....
to find that I am recording
I hope it will be worth it.
Needless to say, I finally fell fast asleep
and awoke to the sounds of the landscapers trimming the hedges around the complex.
Blast...no rest for the wicked.


Chatty Crone said…
Well, if I was counting beers I'd go to sleep fast - now counting chocolate - I might be up all night! lol

Laura ~Peach~ said…
Jack is too adorable and love his learning we are continually amazed at what Bradley learns... i so understand random insane thoughts ... I have them often LOL...
my word is bearlypo i saw bearly poo lol
Deb said…
funny thing...I am not a beer drinker...if I drink 4 beers a year, that is alot!
jojo said…
I think naming off beers would put me right to sleep, I usually get caught up in soething equally stupid and get upset at the waste of time when I should be sleeping! Hope you get some rest tonight or maybe a nap?? take care..;p
Mental P Mama said…
Now tonight? Name 60 vodkas;)
99 bottles of beer on the wall... as kids, we used to drive our mother CRAZY by singing that song in the car. I hope sweet dreams are coming your way tonight.
Country Girl said…
I cannot have a TV in the bedroom. We have one but I never watch it. It just doesn't work for me.
I hope you fall asleep easier tonight, my friend.
Are there really 60 kinds of vodka?
Bill S. said…
Maybe you should have drank a few of the beers. Not really, some nights are like that.
Mauigirl said…
How funny, I use 99 bottles of beer on the wall to fall asleep. I try to think of a different brand with each number. I always start out with the Belgian beer Duvel for some reason!
Joyce said…
Been there done that but I was counting names of candy bars:) Nixon movie is a good one. Hope you husband is having a better day.
Tammy said…
Hahaha, oh my! I've so been there.
Daryl said…
Frost/Nixon was excellent.

Interesting mind game .. you forgot Fosters Lager, LaBatt, Busch ...

How's the husband doing?
Diane said…
I would have gotten confused and started naming brew pub beers.

Sleep better tonight my friend. Feel better!
DesertHen said…
Boy, I thought I was the only one that had strange things pop into their heads when trying to go to sleep. Hope you have a better nights sleep tonight.

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