Just An Update

I have been remiss relative to my blog these days.
My mind has been consumed with the task at preparing
several wedding invitations and other such items
for a friend of my daughter's.
Upon being asked to take on this task, I was
immediately honored, however, very quickly
I felt a bit of panic and the extreme sense of
overwhelming doubts.
I quickly wrapped my brain around this project
and began planning.
On Tuesday, I meet with the bride to be to present my ideas to her.

Perhaps, things will settle down after Tuesday.
I've been so focused that I missed a local tea party at Joyce's.
I am so sorry Joyce!
My little Pumpkin is just growing like a little weed and eating me out of
house and home!
A typical day requires two breakfasts for little Jack. We start off
with Cheerios, followed an hour later by cheesy eggs.
After his 2 hour nap, I fix him vegetables, fruit and maybe mac and cheese.
This holds him over until about 4 o'clock when he demands more than a snack!
Jack is already in the 95 percentile for height and only 35 percentile on weight.
Needless to say, he wears his pants like so many of the young teenagers these days.
Can you say suspenders???
Until the next time I have inspiration!


Country Girl said…
Just as long as we don't have to sing the 'pants on the ground' song to him.
Snowing like mad here at present!

Hope your project turns out beautifully.
Tammy said…
Good luck with the wedding invitation project! Maybe you will share a picture or two of your design?!

Ok, Jack keeps getting cuter and cuter!! When my son was Jack's age he wore either pants with elastic or suspenders! I remember feeding 10 day care kids, wow could they eat!
Laura ~Peach~ said…
He is so adorable... when cory was little and I see it coming with bradley... i had to go to family dollar (was the only place i could find them back then) and get the 5 dollar SLIM jeans... they held up well and were the only ones that would stay up on his skinny bottom we also did a lot of overalls ... I showed him a pic of him in the rocking chair we had for the kids ... it's tiny and he was about 5 or 6 and sat in it with A LOT of room to spare cause he was so tall and skinny.... Pubery changed all that he grew over a foot and a half and gained over 150 pounds in less than a year... the pediatrician freaked out and did blood work to see that he was ok... he was he just went fast from boy to man.
jake may do that too... cory would eat all day then have weeks that he would not eat at all...KIDS are so much fun... :)
Mental P Mama said…
LOL @ Jack. Too cute for words! You will do an amazing job on those announcements. That's the only thing I know for sure.
Daryl said…
Oh kids, they have the best metabolism evah .. I am sure the bride to be will love your ideas ..
Diane said…
The bride will love your ideas. And jack is adorable. Cheesy eggs? Yum!
Chatty Crone said…
We sure did miss you at the tea - it was nice. Sandie

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