Multi Tasking

On Sunday, I grabbed a box of chocolate cake mix and whipped up some cupcakes.
After they cooled and were iced, I ran over to my Cricut to add a little
holiday charm.

With a piece of scrap paper and my trusty cartridges,
I found the heart I wanted to use and ordered my machine to
produce 6 hearts.
Next, I poured through my huge inventory of stamps and
found this charming stamp by Stamps by Judith.

Now for today. Whew! I feel as though it should be 11 PM. Off to an early
meeting with the staff at Whole Foods! I picked up some ground
bison for my lasagna. Of course, I could never just pick up
one item, so $55 later, I finally hit the road.

When I walked in the door, I spied my husband's ever growing chin.
Red. Swollen. Painful. I said get your butt to the ER.
After a small fortune later, he was diagnosed with Cellulitis. Had he waited
yet another day, the ER doc said he would have looked like a pumpkin
by tomorrow. Poor baby!

Back to the store to drop off his two new prescriptions.
Thank you, Publix for the free antibiotics, a public service
you launched over 3 years ago.

Now, I am enjoying the little bit of time left until Jack wakes up.

At least I smell the lasagna sauce simmering off in the distance!


Daryl said…

.. but what lovely cupcakes, I hope he got to enjoy one for being good at the doctor's!
Mental P Mama said…
You are taking care of everybody!! I'll bring some nice wine for dinner;)
Yummy cupcakes! One would go quite well with the glass of crisp Riesling I am now sipping :)
Country Girl said…
Oh, your poor husband! Hope it clears up quickly for him. Good thing you made him go.
That Cricut is pretty cool. I watched the whole cake video.
Chatty Crone said…
Hey, tell your hubby to get well - that is no fun. Your lasagna sounds delicious - and I want one of your cupcakes!

TSannie said…
You are just the BEST!
Diane said…
That cellulitus is scary stuff. Thank goodness you pushed him into going to the ER. And I don't know what a Publix is, but yay for free antibiotics!

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